We are available at your request to share our wealth of knowledge of running your own business and about the private investigation profession with you. When you request a visit from us we will sit down with you and spend a day taking time to advise and give you a fully detailed explanation of the day to day running of your own business:

  • How to find an operative within the network
  • How and when to interact with the client throughout the case
  • How to generate further business
  • How and when is the correct time to expand and employ additional staff
  • How to arrange employee contracts
  • How to run your account
  • How to keep your records up to date
  • How to store your case files within the Data protection Laws
  • We can help you through the set up stage of starting a new “Private Investigating” agency / business.
  • Client/Customer inquiry Sales techniques
  • Client/Customer relations
  • How to set up day to day professional paper trail of work
  • Detailed Processes to control and run your business
  • Step by step inquiry detail sheet
  • Order forms
  • Order confirmation forms
  • Operative’s work sheets
  • Structured detailed Client/Customer reporting process and form
  • How and when to take payments


Mentoring Request Procedures

  1. Submit request to the Oklahoma Private Investigators Association, Inc. (OPIA) Board of Directors (BoD) requesting specific mentoring required/needed.
  2. Once a Mentor is assigned, Agreement between Mentor and Mentee is made for timeframe, a non-compete agreement and agreement for any extra cost incurred by the Mentor (agreement between parties).
  3. Once training/mentoring is accomplished, both the Mentor and Mentee submit a summary of results, in writing, to the Secretary who will in turn notify the BoD of results. Good or Bad, then the BoD will decide if additional time is needed.

Contact OPIA

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